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1st International Conference on Migration/Diaspora Entrepreneurship (M/DE) - Migration and Diaspora Entrepreneurship: A 2020 Research Perspective - Bremen, Germany | 14-15 December, 2015.

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Aki Harima

LEMEX, Chair in Small Busienss & Entrepreneurship, University of Bremen

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Report released on start-up visa policies 

A report of a comparison of Worldwide start-up visa policies has written by Josephine Goube, Director of Partnerships, Migreat and has published on You can read the full report from here Read full article…. (Source:

Executive Summary of the report 


Open Borders to Entrepreneurs & Innovators - How global entrepreneurs & start-ups are driving innovative immigration experiments worldwide.

1 – Introduction to start-up visa policies  

  • The importance of immigrant entrepreneurs
  • Definition of start-up visas
  • Historical context
  • The recent surge of start-up visa policies
  • The expected benefits

2 – Comparison of start-up visas

  • Entrepreneur visa (category)
  • Fast-tracked visa for entrepreneurs (process)
  • Incubation (program)  

3 – How efficient are these programs?

  • Countries offering an attractive eco-system for business and entrepreneurs
  • Countries wanting to attract productive investment
  • Countries looking to spark a culture of innovation and risk

Major Considerations: 

  1. Explicit time / revenue / growth milestones
  2. Minimum Capital thresholds: pros and cons
  3. Abuse
  4. Regional migration of entrepreneurs not global migration of entrepreneurs Attracting the best: it takes a holistic approach