WP 8: Influence from International and national trade regulations 

This work package aims to study diaspora entrepreneur opportunities and challenges related to market access and import and export difficulties that result from national and international trade regulations. The work package’s aim is to identify diasporas trade and investment activities seen in the light of the effects of government tariff policies, export subsidies, import/export regulations and bilateral trade agreements. It also explores how governments have facilitated transnational trade through support to and in coordination with diaspora entrepreneurs. To study trade regulations influence and policy design cooperation, WP 8 will apply case study approach, as well as conducting interviews with key diaspora entrepreneurs and  exporting firm’s managers. In connection with governments’ policy design and implementation, WP 8 explores the effects of donors’ trade capacity building program on the economic potential and role of diaspora entrepreneurs. The work package is led by UU in partnership with RUC, UPF, IGOT, UEL, and AAU.