WP 6 - Drivers of circular migration

The principal objective of Work package 6 is to understand recent migration tendencies in terms of flows, changing legal statuses and directions of flows, including onward migration and return, in the context of the economic crisis. In particular, this work package seeks to understand the impact that changing migration dynamics has on transnational diaspora entrepreneurship. To achieve these objectives mixed methods will be used combining secondary data analysis and case studies. All partners will contribute to the analysis of secondary data on migration and wider economic indicators for the four migration corridors studied in the project. The analysis will concentrate on the period after the 2008 financial crisis. To complement the aggregate analysis, in-depth case studies will be developed in Brazil, Chile, Portugal, Spain and Ireland. The main outputs of this work package include a database compiling secondary data relevant for analysing migration dynamics in the corridors studied in the project, short thematic papers on the case study countries, a project paper on migration dynamics and the impact of the 2008 economic crisis and a presentation at the project’s Annual Symposium. The lead partner of this work package is CEG/IGOT-Universidade de Lisboa. Primary researchers are also involved from UPF, USP, UDD and DIT.