Worl Package 2  - Dissemination

The objective of the dissemination work package is to raise the awareness about the proceedings and outcomes of the project. Within this work package, all key stakeholders such as academics and research institutions are involved and will contribute through reports on the secondments and the results of the research. This work package shall ensure that the objectives, activities and methodologies developed within the project are widely promoted to internal and external stakeholders.

The dissemination strategy of the project is divided into three parts; electronic tools, traditional publications, and conferences.

A websits will be designed right from the start of the project and will be maintained beyond the lifetime of the project. On the website not only the activities within the project will be published, but also relevant material concerning the research topic of the project: to start with, the website will give an overview of the results of relevant projects that the participating institutions have carried out in the past. By doing this, the website will become a main source of information for everybody interested in the topic. Connected to the website will be the possibility to subscribe to a yearly publication of a newsletter on the results and other news within the project.

A second form of dissemination will be academic publications which will be the result of research within the project. Whenever possible, these publications will be published on the website.

Finally, an international conference will be organised at the end of the project to share the results of the project. The purpose of the conference shall be sharing the results of the project, its (potential) impact, and future activities. The target audience shall include researchers, research institutions, policy and decision makers, scientific and entrepreneurship experts.

Dissemination is seen as one of the main objectives for the network and has a wide target group:

- Internal dissemination aims at exchanging information between the different disciplines and research groups within the network and is based on network symposia, ICT-tools and interactive use of social media.

- Public dissemination through a public part of the network symposia, through open e-publishing and through exposure in public media.

- Dissemination to the scientific society at large through articles, proceedings, and books

 Expected impact

- An increased awareness of the importance of transnational diaspora entrepreneurship for societal and economic development and for integration and ethnic relations

- A base for knowledge and understanding that will be the basis for a continued and enlarged Diaspora Link network after the project finishes