WP1 :To provide a management and financial structure and be responsible for regular reporting and internal communication

Work package 1 covers administration and planning activities of  the exchange programs and will be managed by the Roskilde University (RUC) , Denmark. 

The proposed joint exchange program will exchange, develop and disseminate systematic, multidisciplinary knowledge and expertise of the collaborating partners in the area of transnational diaspora entrepreneurship as a catalyst for economic empowerment and development. The scientific activities will basically follow the steps laid out under the heading “Relevance” with its subtitles. It should be observed that the partners since earlier are collaborating in different transnational and national networks such as GEM, International Council for Small Business, Nordic and Swedish TDE networks, which simplifies management and dissemination in the program. The collaboration with other transnational and national networks is a key feature in the proposed program.

The exchange scheme and the planned scientific activities follow three basic structures:

 (A) Annual symposia for all partners, arranged with one internal and one public part. The objective of the symposia is to inform the partners and the academia and society stakeholders and to detail the research agenda. The objective is also based on agreement with a publishing house to create a monograph series. Five symposia are planned.


(B) Research topics:

1. Evaluation of migration corridor innovation systems based on GEM-methodology

2. Impact of transnational organizations and relations

3. Impact of the super-diverse diaspora landscape

4. Circular migration as effect of economic and social conditions

5. ICT as facilitator of TDE

6. Influence from international and national trade regulations.

7. Monitoring and comparing migration corridors. The number of partners allows for covering

some major corridors with exchange of in particular young researchers between both ends of a corridor. One objective of the exchange is to follow up the research topics specifically for each corridor and allow a comparison between different corridors. Migration corridors are:

1. EU ---Sub Sahara

2. EU ---North Africa

3. EU ---Latin America

4. EU ---India and 

as comparative corridors

1. US ---Sub Sahara

2. US ---North Africa

3. US ---Latin America

 4. US ---India